A new leader rises on the IT market. The TenderHut group summarizes the past year

TenderHut, the technological capital group from Bialystok, will end another year with an astonishing result. The data for the first three months show that the group has increased its income by over 138% compared to the same period during the previous year, achieving a consolidated turnover of 11.45 million zlotys. Dynamic growth, international business contacts,…
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The Generation Y Works On Its Own Terms

Nearly 400 thousand university graduates enter the labor market each year. Still, the number is not sufficient to satisfy the national economic needs. The current situation of employees allows the new workforce to have their own demands and expectations towards the future employer. What therefore must an employer do, to fulfill the needs of their staff? – Follow…
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Internet of Things in offices

More office space is equipped with innovative control systems. The dynamic advance of technology enables implementing Internet of Things solutions in  offices, in order to automate our office space, i.e. through sophisticated control systems. In 2020, the IoT market size is expected to be worth 1,5 trillion dollars. The Polish market on the other hand is…
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