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Internet of Things in offices

More office space is equipped with innovative control systems. The dynamic advance of technology enables implementing Internet of Things solutions in  offices, in order to automate our office space, i.e. through sophisticated control systems. In 2020, the IoT market size is expected to be worth 1,5 trillion dollars. The Polish market on the other hand is…
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Everybody's talking about hype for new apps - Prisma and Pokemon Go! The second one is growing faster than any other app published before. Are there any safety issues that we should be aware? Yesterday our CEO - Robert Strzelecki was talking on mainstream TV Station about safety regarding these projects. Link to the interview…
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Laboratory Information Management

Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ uses the laboratory system made by a consortium of companies Solution4Labs sp. z o.o. and AgaramTechnologies. Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ has 17 laboratories, where they conduct research on the needs of industry and the economy. The modern LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) have been improving work of scientists since October. It…
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