It’s difficult to find a good programmer

According to various statistics, the number of programmers needed on the Polish market differs from 50 thousand to 200 thousand – says Robert Strzelecki, Vice-president of TenderHut, in an interview with Michał Niewiadomski


The European Commission estimates, that in 2020, Europe will lack approximately 800 thousand IT specialists.

Currently India is trying to fill the gap. Large potential is also shown by China. The solution to lack of IT specialists may therefore be resolved by those countries. Yet we hope, that our education system will contribute to filling the gap – stated Robert Strzelecki

Until now, the amount of government funding for a particular university was dependent on the number of students. Currently, the amount of public finances will be dispatched according to the number of students per academic teacher. Therefore, if the number of students will be greater, the government funding will be relatively smaller.

It concerns us a lot. Starting from the education process, employers try to acquire specialists, attracting them with internships and other incentives. If the number of specialists will decrease, it will be problematic for the entire industry – said Strzelecki

The IT market is becoming more and more competitive, therefore, companies need to support educational institutions in achieving more commercialized model – he added.

He pointed, that several years ago, Poland was attractive for programmers from Belarus and Ukraine.

Currently the wages in Ukraine are comparable, therefore, some programmers decide to return to their home country, others choose to travel West – he explained.

He stated, that in Kharkov, there are over 40 universities per 1,6 million residents. – In Poland, we do not have a similar center for training IT specialists – he said.

Strzelecki noticed, that an educated programmer enters the labor market shortly after the education process is finished, therefore he starts making money and paying taxes quickly. The guest explained, that the existence of IT centers in Poland will determine our cost effectiveness.

On the other hand our IT specialists and their advanced skills are known worldwide. Poland is regularly ranked in the top 5, when it comes to countries with superior programing skills. It is essential, that this trend will be sustained – he said.

The guest mentioned, that the only source of acquiring professional programmers is through higher education at universities. Some companies and other organizations train people not associated with the IT industry to become programmers, at least to the junior level. The number of such institutions is, however, low.

Strzelecki highlighted, that private companies need to actively cooperate with universities.

Without changes in higher education and improving skills of our staff, the chances of further development are limited – said Strzelecki.

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