Christmas shopping online

There is less than a week till Christmas, so we have less and less time for shopping for Christmas gifts. One way to avoid the crowds in shopping malls is to shop online - this option picks up to 37% of Poles this year. But how to protect ourselves against the dangers of hasty online transactions?


Stay alert!

Shopping on Internet is convenient, fast and safe, if we have in mind a few important factors. At the outset, it is worth comparing the prices of products offered by the store with competitors - especially if you plan to buy electronic equipment and appliances, and promotions are really interesting. Take a moment to reflect on the credibility of the store - how long it has been in business and what  opinions were issued by other customers. Remember that criminals can buy a domain belonging to the already broken the shops or with names confusingly similar to legitimate companies.

You should also pay attention to the method of payment and shipment. The red light should light up if the only possible option of payment is direct bank transfer to the store. It is also worth checking you would have to wait for the product. If it is longer than 2 weeks, rethink your purchasing decision.

- We should also take a moment to check the contact details of the store, enter them in the register of companies and compare with those that are on their website. No phone number given on the website or difficulties in contact with the shop are not a good sign. You should also remember that most of the goods can be returned within 14 days, if they do not meet our expectations – explains Robert Strzelecki, CEO of SoftwareHut

Shopping trends

Polish family plans to spend in holiday season average 1,121 PLN, which is 5% more than last year. Frequently chosen products are perfumes and cosmetics, the previous leader – books – fell to third place. Sweets take second place in the ranking. They are chosen mainly for teenagers. Poles, more and more, appreciate online stores, especially buying multimedia products and products of larger dimensions.

- If the owners of online stores want to encourage potential customers to use their services even more, they should bet on interesting promotions, report on security transactions, fast delivery, allow returns, and also provide good contact with the shop staff - says Robert Strzelecki.

What to do when you become a victim of fraud?

If the consumer finds out that he has been cheated on, there are several solutions that can help him get the money back. It is advised then to ask the bank to cancel the transfer. Most often this can be done via telephone, if the specific amount has not yet been transferred to another account - it can be especially useful for purchases made on weekends.

If money have already left the system, you can still ask the bank to contact recipient’s bank and block money on the other side.

The buyer can also benefit from the chargeback procedure, provided the transaction has been paid by credit card or debit card. The bank can block the money transfer through the card and return it to the buyer, but only on condition that the contract has not been executed, which must be proved by submitting a claim.

If the transfer’s cancelation failed, what remains is to notify on suspicion of the crime at the nearest police station or the relevant prosecutor's office.

- Remember that Christmas shopping should primarily be fun. It is worth paying attention to a few details, and checking an online store, and thus nothing should disturb the solemn preparations for Christmas - sums up Robert Strzelecki.

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