We opened a new office in Sweden

According to Global Innovation Index, Sweden is the second most innovative country in the world, thanks to putting much emphasis on research and development of technologies. Investments in technological development of enterprises requires hiring top-notch IT specialists.

Establishing an office of SoftwareHut Ltd. in Sweden shows, that the company has large potential and is able to compete on the demanding Swedish market – said Magdalena Pramfelt, President of the Polish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce.


Poland and Sweden are important business partners to each other. High expenses in research and development make Sweden one of the global leaders in the IT industry in terms of innovative technology.  Cooperating on the Swedish market will be important for the Polish company’s brand and will enable joint innovative projects. It will also be beneficial, in terms of the image of Polish companies in Sweden – ads Pramfelt.

The new office will support marketing activities of the entire TenderHut group: SoftwareHut (IT specialist outsourcing), LegalHut (legal counselling in public procurement), Solution4Labs (LIMS class systems), as well as customer service on the Nordic market. Robert Strzelecki, Vice-president of TenderHut says: We chose the capital of Sweden, because we established business relationships there. It is also a good starting point for expansion to other Nordic countries, mainly Norway and Finland. We also acquired a reliable partner, who will be in charge of developing our company on that market.

Manager with experience

The person responsible for our office in Stockholm will be Andrzej Senator, a specialist in professional business management. He has achievements in increasing companys’ profits. Andrzej has over 30 years of experience in strategic and operational governing, as well as broad expertise in marketing acquired by working for leading companies in Poland and Sweden. He is fluent in both languages, Swedish and English.

Just after a couple of months of providing services on the Swedish market, SoftwareHut acquired clients like Contento Wassum and EU SUPPLY. The first company provides education services in the field of banking, finance and insurance. SoftwareHut supports them in developing an e-learning platform. The other client, EU SUPPLY, is one of the leading European suppliers of solutions for managing public procurement. EU SUPPLY and TenderHut have made an agreement, thanks to which LegalHut will be the exclusive representative of EU SUPPLY in Poland.

The plan for further development

I strongly believe in success of the new department. Opening a local office will make cooperation more dynamic and will authenticate our company in the eyes of our clients. Sweden is just the beginning of our expansion. We are planning to open offices in other countries in order to increase the impact of TenderHut Group in Europe – says Robert Strzelecki COO of the company. If the growth rate of international activities will be similar to the one achieved on the native market (in 2015, TenderHut Group managed to accumulate  6,44 million PLN of consolidated income, in comparison to 0,56 million PLN in 2014), their corporate business challenges may become global, not only European.

We wish TenderHut a  long-term and successful cooperation on the Swedish market -  says the  president of the Polish Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

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