Everybody's talking about hype for new apps - Prisma and Pokemon Go! The second one is growing faster than any other app published before. Are there any safety issues that we should be aware? Yesterday our CEO - Robert Strzelecki was talking on mainstream TV Station about safety regarding these projects. Link to the interview…
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Recipe for success

How to end the year with millions of revenue? How to create a resilient company and comprehensively serve customers in the industry? The results are often unattainable for companies operating for many years. Some start- ups, however, show that a combination of hard work of professionals can achieve a lot. Read more if you want…
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Why it’s worth investing in innovative laboratory solutions

The need for gathering an increasing amount of data in laboratories  is associated with the search for new possibilities of their recording and presentation. The traditional method of recording information is naturally replaced by electronic data exchange. Laboratories nowadays more often reach for sophisticated solutions, which automate their work.  Investing in lab development is beneficial…
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