Solution4Labs has a chance to conquer the foreign market

Polish professional IT solutions are outcoming to international arena – Solution4Labs  (TenderHut Group) has a chance to conquer the foreign market.


Polish innovative system, which is used to managing laboratories, has a chance to conquer Austrian and German markets. Solution4labs- a company from Bialystok, which introduces Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) have just received a subsidy of 300 thousand PLN, which is assigned for internationalization of their innovative software. The subsidy was raised under a program implemented by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Management.

Eastern Poland has higher aspirations thanks to innovative companies like Solution4Labs, which belongs to TenderHut capital group. It is not surprising that, apart from introducing innovative solutions, the company acquires EU funds quite easily. Thanks to which the image of the region associated with ‘Poland B’ might be changed. Nowadays, there is more and more information about Silesian Silicon Valley, which, thanks to dynamically developing companies, has a chance to conquer foreign markets. Financing obtained by Solution4Labs under “Measure 1.2- Internationalization of the Eastern Poland Operational Program for the years 2014-2020” will allow the company to come up with their solution on the Austrian and German markets.


- Our RoboLab is a software that makes it easier and more effective to use devices in laboratories that perform large number of samples throughout the day. RoboLab also allows introducing automation and robotization to the laboratory works. This is a robotic system of research related to LIMS. Laboratories that have a lot of research workload and need to work 24 hours a day, which have many samples for testing, such as blood samples, will also be interested in our system. – says Waldemar Birk, CEO of Solution4Labs, an innovative company introducing LIMS class system. 

Using robots, which integrate works of different laboratory devices, decreases costs and improves work of laboratories. Nowadays it is possible to use robots, which can do human work. It is enough to prepare the material to be tested by a robot, so that it can take the samples from a ‘magazine’, eg biobank, move them between laboratory devices and finally put them in the right place or utilize them. This is also the way how people could avoid work with  dangerous viruses. – adds Birk.


In total, the company will spend more than 500 thousand PLN on presentation of their solution; almost 300 thousand come from EU funds. Part of the money will be used for taking part in the prestigious fair- Analytica 2018 which will take place in Munich. The company will present their original system connected with LIMS. Participation in the fair is an opportunity to us to show Polish IT ideas. Our solution will be presented between the world’s largest suppliers of laboratory management systems, which we are proud of. - says Waldemar Birk. Under the subsidy, the company will participate in four business missions to Austria and Germany.

Our solution is likely to interest German and Austrian research units. Thanks to the subsidy we will have a chance to present it to them. – notes Waldemar Birk.


Credibility is a key element in business discussions about the implementation of such systems in the laboratories. Solution4Labs is credible, as they have already realized LIMS projects. Here they can give an example of cooperation of SoftwareHut (an IT company belonging to the same capital group as S4L -TenderHut Ltd) and the world’s leading supplier of the laboratory equipment and LIMS software- Thermo Fisher Scientific. Together they are preparing to implement an integrated lab management software in 640 laboratories in 100 countries. This is the largest laboratory project in the world.

Solution4Labs is a technology partner of Thermo Fisher Scientific and offers their IT products on the Polish and international markets within their Competence Centre, specializing in  development, adaptation, configuration and also deployment and integration of LIMS class systems in laboratories in most industrial, research and scientific laboratories. To strengthen the credibility of the Polish solution of the S4L company, they will also buy ISO certification consulting service, which will enable the company to take part in international tenders for the delivery of LIMS class systems. In addition, the company will also use the donation for the purchase of services related to search, selection and networking with foreign partners, and to obtain information about current tenders in Germany and Austria.


Solution4Labs is one of the four companies belonging to the technology capital group TenderHut Ltd., which was ranked within Computerworld TOP 200 as 20th in the category of the largest providers of IT solutions and services for the education and science and research sector in 2016. The TenderHut Group also received almost 800 thousand PLN from the EU funds. The money is going to be used for preparing the company for entering the stock exchange in the first quarter of 2019.


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