TenderHut is conquering Ireland

Polish programmers are appreciated worldwide. Therefore it shouldn’t surprise anyone, that TenderHut, an IT company from Bialystok is opening an office in Ireland.  After Copenhagen, Stockholm, Zurich, Berlin and London, Dublin is now the sixth European capital, where TenderHut has established a foreign office.


TenderHut, a capital group managed from Bialystok, constantly develops its business in Europe. The next foreign business office, which is going to be established, will be located in Dublin, where Polish programmers are appreciated and needed. According to the international ranking issued by HackerRank, Poland is 3rd globally, when it comes to quality programmers.  In Dublin, global giants such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple have their branches. TenderHut hopes to fill the need for quality programmers for these corporations. Its subsidiary company, SoftwareHut, is the 3rd top developing IT company in Poland and is a provider of substantial outsourcing services. Our SoftwareHut team specializes in various programing languages, therefore we are able to meet all types of requirements made by clients, which they greatly appreciate. The people in Ireland appreciate the professionalism of Poles, because they know us as good and reliable workers, also in the field of programming  - says Robert Strzelecki, vice-president of the TenderHut Capital Group. This opinion is supported by a survey issued by HackerRank, which placed Polish programing achievements, in various programing technologies, among the global leaders. Poland has the best Java developers in the world. It also came second in creating algorithms, just after Russian developers. It is the flexibility and comprehensive knowledge which are valued abroad. These are however not sufficient in order to achieve success. A key factor is also knowledge of a particular market – adds Strzelecki.


Entering new markets is always a great challenge for a company. What market entry strategy has been chosen by the leading Polish IT company? According to the strategy established by the Board of Directors, the foreign office is co-created by a local specialist. The team in Ireland is coordinated by our Regional Business Development Manager – Jim Fitzgerald. – Jim is a qualified expert in the IT industry, which he has been involved with for many years in Ireland and Germany. He has also cooperated with companies from Central and Eastern Europe in implementing IT projects in countries, which aspired to join the EU. Now he joins TenderHut. He has vast knowledge concerning the Irish market and is thoroughly acquainted in the IT industry issues. He is a great partner for developing business. I’m convinced, that the positive acclaim towards Polish programmers and Jim’s knowledge concerning client needs will both result in another successful business venture – says Robert Strzelecki.


The knowledge concerning the Irish market, which is brought by the business partner is followed by the good repute about Polish programmers. According to  HackerRank, our programmers are ranked 2nd, together with Hungarian programmers, when it comes to facing difficulties when implementing IT projects. – It is an extremely important factor, which is valued in the Old Continent, such as Ireland. While preparing the office in Dublin, I often heard positive opinions about Polish programmers, expressed by potential customers. They were referred to as people for special tasks. SoftwareHut, our subsidiary company, is a great example of such expertise. It implements various project and supports large global corporations in developing their products – says Robert Strzelecki, vice president of TenderHut. Our flexibility and experience in working with the biggest companies brought satisfying results. The company’s revenues simply intensified the chosen path of development.


The TenderHut Capital Group, since it has been established, is developing rapidly. New offices throughout Europe are an element of a broader strategy, which aims at entering the Stock Market Exchange in Warsaw. The company has foreign branches in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland. – The new office in Ireland is another step in the global conquest strategy. We plan to open new offices in New York, France and the Netherlands – says Robert Strzelecki.  The implemented expansion strategy to foreign markets, consolidation of the IT industry in north-east Poland and investing in TenderHut’s own innovative solutions require capital, which the company hopes to acquire through Initial Public Offering.

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