Why TenderHut

Discover our business idea

Why TenderHut? When creating and building the vision of the company TenderHut S.A., we analyzed the course of the relevant processes in the economy and its environment in recent years. We realized that dynamic, and even abrupt changes will follow in accelerated time sequences and may be harder to predict.

We observed that the increasing competition, the phenomenon of globalization, turmoil in the financial markets are putting pressure on companies in the development, innovation, flexibility and faster response to changes in the environment. We were fully aware of all this when creating TenderHut S.A. That is why we have built for you a full range of services in such a way as to meet the growing needs of the organization, processing, utilization and data protection. We know that well-chosen solutions can optimally exploit the potential of the company and prepare for new challenges. Working with the most demanding customers make us the most satisfaction.


The greatest assets of TenderHut S.A. are wealth of knowledge and innovative capacity of its creators and workers. Comprehensive and sound knowledge of information technology enriches the experience in implementing projects in financial firms, commercial, medical, telecommunications in Poland and abroad.

1. We are innovative

We can look to the future. Our employees are mostly young people, who in addition to an excellent education were able to gain considerable experience. Often occupied senior positions and, therefore, able to combine knowledge on the proper functioning of the company with the knowledge of proven, modernized and emerging IT tools. Staff training and research projects are part of the philosophy, based on which we build TenderHut S.A.

2. We know how to listen

We want TenderHut S.A. to become your reliable partner in the field of broadly defined IT services for many years. We understand that tomorrow belongs to those who in time will implement modern management, cost control, customer service, diagnostics processes in their enterprise. We provide our expertise in areas as diverse as the use of the potential of the Internet for business or appropriate equipment selection and negotiations with suppliers.

3. We provide a comprehensive service

We offer comprehensive solutions from departments such as needs analysis through design, selection and software development, IT infrastructure development, specialists outsourcing, security audits. We also serve within our competence in cases of a narrower range of activities.

Maybe your insight into the field of information technology is narrow or there is something you are intrested in or simply you are wondering whether the solution to a problem is at all possible - call us and arrange coffee with us. Maybe the thing is simpler than you thought.