Cooperation – Two IT Clusters from Bialystok Join Forces.

The InfoTech cluster, which was reactivated lately, and the North-East Poland ICT Cluster decided to join forces in order to enhance the technological level of the region. We join forces, because we do not want to compete with one another, but rather create a new quality for the local IT market together – says Robert Strzelecki, CEO of the TenderHut capital group and one of the initiators of the ICT cluster. The north-east region of Poland will now have the opportunity to integrate technologically and develop.

Cluster as a joint initiative of IT experts

Precisely one year ago, five experts associated with the TenderHut capital group invited every company from the north-east region of Poland to participate in the ICT cluster. They came to the conclusion that all measures should be taken in order to support the region's technological development. And the best way to achieve this is through cooperation. The goal was to comprehensively support companies from one industry and one region, because by cooperating, companies have a chance to develop and implement projects together – explains Strzelecki. The initiative was broadly discussed in the media and among the local IT community. It attracted many companies from Olsztyn and Bialystok, which wanted to cooperate, not to compete. At that time, there were no other active organizations that would bring the IT environment together.

InfoTech – a reactivated cluster with experience.

The InfoTech Technological cluster was reactivated in January. It was founded back in 2012, as a result of a project co-financed by the EU. At that time, not many IT companies were established in the region. But after the cluster's reactivation in January, over 60 companies volunteered to participate in the initiative. Most of all, we want to combine the technological business links from the Podlasie region, and through that, to enhance this sector, proving to outside investors that Eastern Poland is a place worthy of business interest. There is constant exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience among our members, for the purpose of efficiently building the technological power of the Podlaskie region. – says Adam Kamiński, coordinator of InfoTech.

Common goals and ambitions.

The leaders of both clusters asked themselves: is it worth joining forces and capabilities, since the goals of both organizations are similar and they operate in the same industry? The answer was obvious, because both organizations are complementary. Infotech brings its broad experience, relationships with municipal authorities and education institutions. On the other hand, the ICT Cluster will expand the range of activity, due to the fact that it operated not only in the Podlaskie region but also in the Warminsko-Mazurskie voivodeship. In addition to the ICT cluster, InfoTech is joined by all the companies from the TenderHut group: Solution4Labs, LegalHut, ProtectHut and SoftwareHut – currently the largest company headquartered in Bialystok in terms of the number of IT specialists.

Both Strzelecki and Kaminski indicate one more very important aspect of their joint activity – keeping young, talented people in the region. – By enhancing the attractiveness of the local industry, we contribute to keeping young graduates of universities here. This is essential, because without fresh blood, the development of the industry will be almost impossible. We want to show young people that they can start their professional careers here, because the scale of professional challenges is really enormous – says Robert Strzelecki.

Experienced specialists are also important. That is why we want to convince them to come back to our region, because in terms of business opportunities, we do not fall behind large cities and have many equally interesting projects ahead of us. – adds Adam Kamiński.

Both organizations declare that their joint cooperation under the InfoTech brand will greatly accelerate the process of creating a new quality on the local IT market – the common goals of both sides and their service for a greater cause will surely strengthen the status of Bialystok, the Polish Silicon Valley.

Thanks to the community, companies feel that they are not alone in their everyday business struggles. As an organization, we have a larger impact, i.e. when cooperating with government entities or scientific or research institutions. This fellowship of interests builds a feeling of strength, because, as I have said on numerous occasions – together you can do more – adds the CEO of TenderHut.

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