Laboratory Information Management

Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ uses the laboratory system made by a consortium of companies Solution4Labs sp. z o.o. and AgaramTechnologies.

Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ has 17 laboratories, where they conduct research on the needs of industry and the economy. The modern LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) have been improving work of scientists since October. It automatically records and archives the results of the laboratories work helping management and administration of equipment and materials. Systems facilitate the reporting and searching test results, provide access to archived data. "We were responsible, among others, for providing a license to offer a system, developing an author changes for WCB EIT +, automating work processes, hardware integration of LIMS system and LIMS integration with the ERP system. We still have the maintenance part on us, which means, we have to assist intensively in the adapting works for the next 6 months, when the final acceptance is foreseen. We will also support the Wroclaw Research Center for 36 months."- says Waldemar Birk, CEO of TenderHut S.A. (Solution4labs belongs to the company). The consortium agreed to parametrize the programming system and mapping the processes of EIT+ laboratories’ work. They will also be responsible for implementation of interfaces between the LIMS system and modules of the ERP system, and also leading the acceptance testing and training.

The article was published in the last Computerworld

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