A new expert is on board at TenderHut, Jerzy Potocki will be responsible for consolidating the IT market

Once again, the TenderHut capital group from Białystok is demonstrating that it is taking its plans for dynamic growth very seriously. The acquisition of Jerzy Potocki among its ranks is the next step on the road to expansion, both domestic and foreign. Who is the new member of the Białystok-based IT leader's team, and what responsibilities will he have in his new position?

The right man for growth

At TenderHut, Jerzy Potocki will be working as Head of M&A Strategy. – Jerzy’s enormous professional experience and his unparalleled technological creativity make him a safe choice for Head of Merger and Acquisition Strategy. His tasks will include, above all, building a strategy for merging with and acquiring local IT companies, but we are also counting on his support in searching for investors in our capital group. Jerzy Potocki knows the realities of international business, and thanks to this, he will be able to advise us on how to support sales activities and develop products so that our foreign expansion will have a chance at further, dynamic growth – explains Robert Strzelecki. – Working at TenderHut is the quintessence of my professional interests – the combination of new technologies and business on a grand scale. I already have many ideas on the direction of the group’s growth, and I can’t wait to start putting them into practice – says Jerzy Potocki with enthusiasm.

Jerzy Potocki – a one-man band of business

As a person who is always full of energy and new ideas, Jerzy Potocki has pushed forward with admirable determination from the beginning of his career. At just 20 years of age, he had already co-founded his first consulting company – TAKE IT – Personal Consulting, which he quickly made a leader on the Polish market. His studies at the Faculty of Technical Physics and Mathematics at the Warsaw University of Technology, during which he specialized in Applied Information Science, were fruitful not only from the perspective of learning but also other activities. During this time, Potocki was a member of BEST - Board of European Students of Technology, a student-driven initiative enabling dialogue, cooperation and exchange between students of European technological universities. This is currently the largest organization gathering students from this group of courses in Europe. He is also a graduate of the elite Master HEC/SGH program, which prepared him for performing managerial functions. – As someone who is passionate about technology and business, I have always known that activity in these areas cannot be enclosed within our country’s borders, which is why I fought for various opportunities to learn how to operate in these fields abroad, even while I was a university student – says Jerzy Potocki. In his career, Potocki was involved in many start-up projects. He is also the co-founder of MIT Enterprise Forum Poland, and was formerly a partner in EnterNet (prv.pl, site.pl, wapacz.pl). However, he has recently dedicated himself to working as Co-founder and CEO of the Polish branch of AIMS International, which specializes in recruiting for managerial and specialist positions using executive search methods. For several years, he was a member of the global board of AIMS, which has nearly 100 offices in 50 countries. – This work gave me the sense that the right people in the right positions make up more than half of the success of every company – says Potocki.

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