Solution4Labs from Bialystok Presents Its Capabilities in Munich

The Analytica 2018 trade fairs, which took place between the 10th and 13th of April in Munich, are a prestigious event in the laboratory industry, where the newest trends in this branch of business are presented. This year, the event took place for the 27th time. Solution4Labs, a company from Bialystok, which supports laboratories technologically, was among the exhibitors. What did the company present, and are events of this kind important for the industry? Robert Strzelecki, CEO of Solution4Labs, will try to answer these questions.

The 27th "Analytica" International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis and Biotechnology is one of the largest global events in the industry, with over 55 thousand square meters of exhibitor space. This year, the event gathered 35,800 visitors and 1,164 exhibitors from 49 countries.  The topic of the trade fair concerns a broad spectrum of innovative technologies, both biotechnological and analytical. Participants have the opportunity to become familiar with the latest engineering novelties at conferences and during exhibitions. For people connected with the industry, as well as for innovative technology enthusiasts, the trade fairs in Munich are a very important event. All the newest technological achievements developed over the last couple of years can be found in one place. And there are a lot of them, because the development rate in this sector is very dynamic. It is also a great opportunity to meet and establish business relations with the largest players in the industry – says Robert Strzelecki.

Solution4Labs – innovative technology from Poland.

The company from Bialystok, which belongs to the TenderHut capital group, boldly enters foreign markets with its solutions. Last year, it received a grant worth nearly PLN 300 thousand for the internationalization of its software on the German and Austrian markets. The grant was obtained under a program managed by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and allowed us to properly present ourselves at the Analytica 2018 trade fair. Solution4Labs is working on implementing Augmented Reality in laboratory procedures. We have integrated the HoloLens goggles with a LIMS-class system, which is a type of software for managing the transfer of laboratory information. This allowed us to obtain a tool that may greatly simplify laboratory procedures in the coming years by informing laboratory workers about the status of their sample, without the need to take one's eyes off of the sample itself – explains Robert Strzelecki. This product by Solution4Labs will allow laboratory workers to work with goggles that will save and store data about processed samples and processes performed on those samples. This solution is essential due to its positive impact on work quality and time efficiency, and most of all, it makes it possible to eliminate the risk of error occurrence – says Robert Strzelecki.

Casual business meetings

Solution4Labs participated in the event in Munich as the technological partner of Thermo Fisher Scientific, whose solutions it implements and integrates. This cooperation has been ongoing for several years and is mutually beneficial. Thanks to Thermo, Solution4Labs participates in the largest laboratory project in the world, which is implementing Thermo Fisher Scientific laboratory software in 500 laboratories all over the world.  Such business meetings are very important for us, because they give us the  opportunity to get to know one another better and discuss current issues. It was during the trade fair in Munich that we started to discuss organizing joint events in Poland – says Robert Strzelecki.  

There is no better environment for initiating new business relations than international trade fairs. We have established numerous relations, which can transform into joint cooperation in the future. We were also able to become familiar with the achievements of our competitors as well as with state of the art solutions regarding laboratory software. Such knowledge is very important in our industry, where everything changes rapidly and it is difficult to keep up. Trade fairs, however, are not just about exhibitors, but experts as well. They can provide firsthand information about their problems and interests. This is very important, because it allows us, the solution designers, to more accurately address their needs – says Paweł Gawkowski, the newly appointed Chief Operating Officerat Solution4Labs.

International trade fairs – an opportunity to promote the region and country

Participating in international trade fairs gives the opportunity to promote not only the company and its achievements, but also the region and country in which the company operates. – Poland, and especially its eastern side, is not associated with technological development enough. This is completely wrong, since there is a lot going on with technology in Białystok and its surrounding regions. One can just look at the number of events organized by technological groups and societies, or the fact that companies from Poland are being presented in prestigious, foreign rankings more frequently, which proves their stronger position on the global market. Such international industry events provide a great opportunity to show how advanced technological development really is in Poland – adds the CEO of the company from Bialystok. This fact is confirmed by the ranking standings mentioned earlier – in 2017, the TenderHut Capital Group, which owns Solution4Labs, was included in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA list, which ranks top developing technological companies. This year, the company was also mentioned in a prestigious ranking – the Financial Times FT 1000, where TenderHut ranked 247th.

As a company from the IT industry, we want to reinvent the technological image of Poland. Events such as Analytica 2018 give Polish companies the opportunity to present themselves to foreign investors and promote national solutions. It is also a great opportunity to update the state of knowledge about the industry as well as to establish new business relations and strengthen those already established. In the end, we all have the same objectives – improving the usage of modern technologies – says Robert Strzelecki with enthusiasm.

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